12 Mar 2017

The Hooks Are Out Again!

I hadn’t realised it had been so long since I’ve had my crochet hooks out…was it really that possible?
The perfect opportunity to use them again came when a call out for help came from the Helping Hands Group.   

A group of ladies were getting together to make a Peacock Blanket for a disabled friends birthday.
The cover is done in two parts, a plain coloured blanket that has crocheted peacock feathers stitched over the top, but the ladies hadn’t been crocheting very long, having only just learned and felt that the actual blanket might be a bit too much for them to tackle alone.
And so the call went out towards the end of last year, for someone who wouldn’t mind making the blanket for them and they would make the feathers themselves.
I agreed to do it as long as there was a long time span.
Their deadline wasn’t until the middle of next year (2018) which was great but as it happened I was ill for most of January and February, giving me loads of time to crochet and my part of the project was finished at the start of February.
The original pattern should have been done in Aran but the ladies decided that it would be very heavy with all the feathers added, so we went with Double Knit and I had to estimate the amount of wool I would need for a single bed cover.
I actually ended up with a ball and a half over, so made a cushion to match.
Happy Crocheting!

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