13 Mar 2017

Nuts About Squares!

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am……….

I’m about to take part in my very first CAL (that’s a crochet-a-long for those not in the know)

The CAL is being hosted by the Facebook group  Official CCC Social Group,   a collection of very talented ladies who create the most wonderful and inspiring works of art with wool.

They have set up three beautiful kits for the CAL, Nut about the Sea, the Sky and the Earth, using different yarns and colour pallets but many, like myself have decided to go with their own selection.

Mine will be  ‘Nuts about Lavender Fields’ and the yarn I’ve opted for  is  Scheepjes, Stone Washed in the following colours.

A   -   Deep Amethyst  (811)
B  -  Lilac Quartz  (818)
C  -  Blue Apatite  (805)
D  -  Amazonite (813)

E  - Crystal Quartz (814)
F  -  Canada Jade (806)
Over fifteen weeks, starting on 31st March, I, along with many other avid crocheters will be embarking on producing 35 beautifully designed squares in the first twelve weeks.  The final three weeks should see us joining all the squares and doing the edging and at the end of it all we will (hopefully) end up with a beautiful throw.
So, the wool is all ordered except for the Blue Apatite, which is out of stock everywhere I’ve looked on line, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that either The Wool Warehouse or Deramores  will have it back in stock before the CAL begins or I’m going to be playing catch-up.
Happy Crocheting!


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