9 Nov 2016

Am I Really a Quilter?

11th October 2016

Back in August I had a go at my first 12 inch quilt block and then I made another one with a cross stitch centre panel as part of a project that someone from the  Helping Hands   group was doing.
Now, with lots of encouragement from my friend Nicki and the lovely ladies in the group, I finally plucked up the courage to attempt to make my first ever lap quilt.

Taking the advice I was given after making my first block, I decided to go with a simple nine patch block, using some ‘Kirsty Allsop’ charms that were on special offer in Hobbycraft and complementing them with some simple ‘ Henley Studio Spot.


With the relatively simple piecing out of the way it was now time for the more daunting quilting.

I layered  the quilt, going for the quicker pinning method rather than tacking and then it was back to my sewing machine for the actual quilting.  But once again my expectation was rather bigger than my ability because I chose to ‘stitch-in-the-ditch’. 
I’ve since been told that even experienced quilters avoid this method……..and now I know why!  It’s really not easy to accurately stitch in the join of the fabrics.

The binding was another first for me but this was the bit I enjoyed doing the most I think.  It was machined on the right side and then hand finished on the back.

At this time I’m not sure which of the Helping Hands projects this will be going to but be assured it will be keeping someone’s knees warm very soon.

Happy Stitching


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