27 Oct 2016

My Sewing Machine sees the Light of Day

Still doing catch-up and it's the 18th August 2015.

My sewing machine rarely sees the light of day because I find it hard to stitch a straight line, but when I saw a project on the   Helping Hands – Stitching & Sewing for Good Causes,  group, I decided it was a great opportunity to dust it off and have a go.
The project……..small heart shaped cushions for people who have had surgery for breast cancer. 

Apparently they fit nicely under the arm, supporting it, helping to stop rubbing and relieve pain after surgery.

I had a good reason for choosing to have a go, because my dear friend Tracey had recently been diagnosed with this awful disease and had just undergone a mastectomy.

And so it was, with trepidation that I made my first two cushions, one heart shaped and a smaller ‘banana’ shaped one. 

Fairly pleased with my results, I made a further four hearts and two bananas. 
Tracey then chose the ones that she wanted for herself and the others were taken to Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, Essex, to the cancer unit where she was treated. 

I’ve also managed to crochet a 15” square blanket for Lincoln Neo-Natal Unit, another project on the Helping Hands group.

Happy Stitching!

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