28 Oct 2016

More Baby Blankets for Harlow Baby Unit

20th November 2015

In the last month I have managed to crochet another two little blankets for Harlow Baby Unit.  The Green and White one was made with some wool that was donated by one of the members of the Helping Hands     Facebook group.

When they were finished, I put some photos on the group’s page and was contacted by a lady who asked if I made them to order, as she liked a plain White one that I had made previously.   
We agreed on a price, I brought the wool and got busy with the crochet hook again.  She was thrilled with it and I donated the money that that she paid me to St. Clare Hospice, where my dad was cared for in 2010.
I’ve also made some progress on my Christmas Tree Skirt this month,  completely finishing  days five, six and seven

Five Gold Rings
 Six Geese a laying
 Seven Swans a swimming

and I managed a lot of the appliqué for days eight nine and ten. 

The trouble is, it’s getting a little too close to Christmas now and I know it’s not going to be finished before my decorations go up. 

they are going up early this year because I have a pre- Christmas dinner party planned for the 27th November, so my plan now is to put it away and leave it until the New Year.

Happy Stitching

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