23 Oct 2013

Wings of Heaven (15)

23rd October 2013

The marathon still continues………I’m on evening 15 now and at last you can see that she’s an Angel because I’ve started on her wings.

I’m not only pleased with the way she’s looking but also extremely happy that I have confirmation in actual stitching that she fits on the fabric……what a relief that was

I also managed to do a little bit more to the heart I’m stitching for the Heart Yard Project. 

I hope to have this finished and ready to send to Nicki next week.

Happy Stitching!



  1. She's really coming along beautifully, Sue! I really like the color changes...she looks gorgeous on the dark blue fabric. Your friend will love this!

  2. Both looks good. I had a feeling it was a Joan Elliott piece before I even read it in the tags :)

  3. She is coming along so beautifully!!! Blue is one of my many favorite colors so I love the color of fabric you decided to stitch on! I love the progress on the heart yard stitching, have a great week!

  4. Oh, she is stunning on that lovely fabric, Sue!