10 Feb 2013

ORT’s with a difference.

10th February 2013

We should be in for a New Moon this evening, not that there’s much chance of seeing it in my little corner of the South East.  It’s decidedly wet, cloudy and cold but I shouldn’t we moaning really when you consider the snow that other parts of the country are having.  The bad weather’s not only confined to the UK either and I really feel for those in the USA who are trying to cope with the recent bad snow storms they are having.

So, regardless of whether we can see it or not, there is a New Moon and that means it’s time to show off my TUSAL for this month and to do an update
on the stitching I’ve been doing.

I’ve continued to stitch on my Sampler and it’s coming along pretty well really but I’ve not done as much of it as would normally would have because

I’ve been working on something else which is a little different and the picture of my ORT’s shows the evidence of knitting yarn………..yes, I’ve started knitting!

 When I come to think about it, I’ve probably not had the old knitting needles out for more than twenty years, but when my Goddaughter told me she was expecting her first child, I offered to make her a shawl. 
I’ve crocheted many in the past but never knitted one, so this is a first for me.

 I did fit in the time to stitch the February picture for the calendar as well, and even managed to do the finishing on this one……..two down, ten to go!

To join in with this month TUSAL, all you have to do is visit  It’s Daffy Cat,    where you’ll find all you need to know.

Thanks for stopping by and………

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Beautiful knitting and stitching - such lovely projects.