14 Aug 2012

Just Monkeying Around!

15th August 2012

It’s so good to be stitching something other than BoJangles at long last but strangely I somehow managed to pick designs that were stitched in shades of Brown again, Lol!

The charts for these cheeky little chappies were all from last month’s copy of Cross Stitch Card Shop and are perfect for the  Kid’s Company Project.   

Panel 80

Panel 81

Panel 82

Panel 83
 Opps, looks like I need to do another photo because I've left some thread across this one.

Panel 84

Panel 85

All the panels will soon be winging their way to Switzerland in the near future so that Nicki can sew them into beautiful cushions for the children.

Happy Stitching!


1 comment:

  1. Oh Sue I love your monkeys (I have one of them at home...of the human variety!)
    Great stitching. Thanks for popping by my blog and happy crafting, hugs Erika. x