13 Mar 2012

February Round-up

 29th Feb 2012...........don't often get the chance to post on this day!

 Bo’s has been on the back burner this month….not literally of course because the smell of singed fur wouldn't be a pleasant one, but because I was finding the colours a bit hard going I decided to leave him be for a while and concentrate on some  Kid’s Company  squares.

Finding suitable charts for the little boys cushions is almost as difficult as making cards for men and boys, so when I saw these fabby charts in a copy of The World of Cross Stitching I just knew I had to stitch them.

I really love the bright colours on these.

Panel #58

Panel #59

Panel #60

Panel #61
Panel #62
Panel #63

The rest of the panels this month were mostly done using free kits that come with the cross stitch magazines.

Panel #64

Panel #65 (Free Cross Stitcher Kit)

Panel #66 (Free The World Of Cross Stitching Kit)
Panel #67

Panel #68

Panel #69

That’s all there is for this month but I have a nice little set of Cupcakes all lined up for the girls next month so please stop by to see how the project’s going.

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