1 Feb 2012

End of year round up

December 2010

They say that time flies and it certainly does when you have something like the quilt project to focus on.

It’s almost impossible to believe that it’s more than four months since we lost dad and going on for six months since we started work on the quilts for St Clare Hospice. 

Actually we are going great guns.

The second of the Blue quilts is now finished and looks fantastic…….I can’t wait until they are all done and I can see them in the flesh, so to speak.

2nd Blue Quilt - Motifs stitched by the ladies in Holland (one motif and the logo stitched by me)

The first Brown quilt was finished too but unfortunately something went very wrong with it and now we plan to start again from scratch with that one. 
I’ve been out and brought the new threads and Aida that’s needed and am about to post that little lot off to Marg in Holland because she’s offered to stich the squares again for us and I was also lucky enough to find a single quilt cover in the same fabric as the rest, which I will be sending to Nicki.  It’s such a shame after everyone’s hard work but hopefully Nicki will be able to find a use for the one we we'll not be using now.

As far as my own stitching goes, I've finished all the squares I was down to do and they will be on their way to Nicki with the material for the Brown quilt. 

This is the Green on I was doing.

Apart from that I've not done any other stitching for some time because of my eye. 
After having the detached retina repaired at the end of last year a cataract is growing, as they said it would and the sight in my Right eye is not good at all, so I find it a bit of a strain if I stitch for too long.
The good news is that they are going to operate in the new year, February to be precise, so hopefully after that I should start getting back to normal.

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