9 Jan 2012

Kids Company project

June 2008

My dear friend Nicki has asked me if I would like to help out with some  stitching for another charity project she’s involved with.

You may have heard of them, it’s Kid’s Company and they help children with all sorts of problems, anything from kids having nowhere to go after school,  to children being abused by their parents and everything in between.

Apparently a lot of the children have no belonging to call their own and Nicki had become involved in making cushions for them.
Each cushion has a stitched panel on the front that is actually a little pocket and on the back she puts the child’s name, so they know it belongs to them and them alone.

Well I think it’s a great project and am happy to help because not only does it give me the opportunity to keep stitching………...there’s only so many walls to hang my own finished pictures on in my flat…….. and I’m helping someone at the same time, so it’s win, win in my opinion.

My first efforts were for a teenage mum and her six month old baby boy.

I stitched two Aida bands with Noah’s Ark’s on which Nicki made into a cushion

Panel #1

Next it was mum’s turn and I stitched a Bluebell panel, her name with matching Bluebells and a little gift card to go with it all.

Panel #2

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