28 Jan 2012

Sad News and an update on the Hospice Quilt Project

September  2010

Well it’s been a tough few months as you can imagine and the sad news is that my dear dad finally lost his fight against cancer on the 6th of August.

It’s also been hard carrying on with the stitching for the quilt project too.
For a while I wasn't able to pick it up but the thing that has kept me going is the pride that dad had in me for what I and my special friends were doing.

I say ‘friends’ because when I started the project in June it was just going to be me doing the cross stitching and Nicki doing the sewing, but since then our numbers have grown to five.

Firstly, when we realised just how long it was going to take me to stitch the  80 squares needed, Nicki suggested that there were two ladies that live in Holland who also stitch for the  The Kid’s Company Cushion Project  who might like to help out.   She was finding it hard to keep up with their prolific stitching and thought the distraction of the hospice quilts might slow them down a bit, Lol.

Nicki asked them if they would be interested and they were only too pleased to lend a hand, so it was agreed that Marg and Marie-Therese would stitch all the squares for four of the sets.

Another very special friend Sharon has also offered her help and we’ve decided to make an extra quilt and cushion for the central seating area in the hospice.  This one will be different from the others, being Yellow in colour and  having Gerbera’s as the theme of the motifs on the squares instead of the geometric designs of the others.

I myself have now finished stitching the first set of Blue squares and they will go in the post to Nicki in the next day or two together with a logo panel to go on the back.

I’ve also put together a parcel to send out to Marg and Marie-Therese containing all the threads, material and charts they will need for their sets and also, because I’m sentimental and wanted a piece of my own stitching on each quilt,  I’ve stitched one square and the logo for each of them.

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