21 Jan 2012

Another Birthday Present

July 2009

Why is it that my friends all have their birthday’s in July....and so close together?

This time it’s Nicki’s birthday on the 17th.

I’ve stitched her a picture too, so it’s a good job that I started early on it in order to get it finished in time.

I planned to do something for her to hang in her sewing room, so when I came across this chart in a copy of Cross Stitcher it was crying out to me.

I personalized it by changing the picture on the wall, which originally read Home Sweet Home, to Nicki’s sewing Room.

Also she had mentioned to me that her husband Peter had brought her narrow grass looking mat, covered in little White daisy’s which hangs down the side of one of the cabinets in her sewing room, so I wanted to incorporate that into the design too.

I think the picture was perfect for Nicki when you take into consideration all the quilts and cushions that she sews.

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