21 Oct 2011

Stitches Of Love And Kindness

January 2008 

I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s only so many walls in my flat where I can hang my finished projects so I was looking for some other way to satisfy my craving to stitch.

My friend Nicki suggested a Yahoo group that she thought might solve my problem, a group called Stitches Of Love And Kindness or SOLAK for short.
They are a completely non-profit group that makes quilts and cushions for children and adults with long term and terminal illnesses, which is a wonderful thing to do I feel.

The way it works is that people make a request for a quilt or cushion and say what sort of things they like i.e., flowers, cars, animals, all sorts of things and then the lady who runs the group lists them all on a data base with the details of the theme. 
There are nine spaces for each of the nine squares that are needed for each quilt and all you have to do is go into it and sign up for as many or as few squares as you like.  The squares are then sent to Sylvia and then she sends them on the the ladies who do all the quilting, Nicki being one of them.  The good thing is that there's no time frame, so no preasure, although obviously the quicker they are stitched the sooner the recipient will have their quilt or cushion. If you pop across to Stitches of Love and Kindness  you can see some of the finished quilts and cushions.

Needless to say I joined the group and the very first quilt I stitches squares for was for one of Nicki’s pupils at the school where she teaches.
He’s a boy called Liridon,  who origanaly came from Albania but having fled Kosovo now lives in Switzerland where Nicki has taught him for two years. 
The theme for his quilt was to be cars and flags of the world so I signed up to stitch four squares.

Union Jack

Flag of Albania


VW Beetle

Lirion and his family had no idea that the quilt was being made and they couldn’t believe that so many ladies had stitch these squares and made them into a quilt especially for him.

The good news is that Lirion is undergoing treatment and is making good progress.

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