15 Oct 2011

Celtic Summer

September 2007

Well here I am, a year after finishing the Charity Lap Quilt project  and I’ve just finished another of the Celtic Sisters……..Three down, Two to go……and I already have the chart for Celtic Autumn.

This one is Celtic Summer, as design by my favourite designer (as if you didn’t know by now) Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum, for Lavender and Lace  and as you can see she’s stitched in beautiful dusky shades of lavender and Green and finished with the same detailed beaded borders that the other two were. 

The company suggest stitching her on Khaki Cashel Linen but I decided to do mine on Ecru 28 count Evenweave instead.  I just feel lifts the design somewhat, but it’s a personal taste.

Her Auburn hair has sun kissed highlights and is adorned with tiny beaded flowers which also flow from the basket she is carrying. 
Gold metallic beads decorate the hem of her dress and continue up the folds of the dress to the sleeves.

At the moment I’ve still not decided on the type of frame I’m going to put her in but I’m leaning towards the same frame as Celtic Spring or may be  if I can find the same one in Gold or Bronze, I’ll have to see.

Stitch count
157W x 238H
Design area
11 1/4" x 17"
DMC floss
356             783             948
420             869              3371
731              898              3820
754             934             3822
758             936              3823
780              938              3828
2001            2002            2003
2004           2005            2006 
2101            2102            2103
Specialty Items
Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braids PB03
Mill Hill Beads
00561                    02053                    03039
03062                   62042


  1. Oh my this is so gorgeous!! I am looking forward to seeing your Fall one!! Such stunning cross-stitching designs hun...I've really enjoyed looking over them!! HUGS

  2. Absolutely beautiful the patern down the sides. xx