7 Jul 2011

Celtic Christmas (Lavender & Lace)

August      1998             

I love stitching Christmas designs especially when they are by one of my favourite designers Marilyn Leavitt Imblum.

Apparently the inspiration for this particular piece, ‘Celtic Christmas’ from a company called Lavender & Lace came to her after seeing Loreena McKennitt a concert .  She’s a Canadian  singer who plays the harp, accordion and piano as well as writes music with Celtic and middle eastern themes.

This design is of a young lady wearing a flowing Red dress with beautiful Gold work around the bottom and she carries a wreath and candles. 

The Celtic theme is picked up in the beaded border and the word ‘Noel’ features across the top of the piece gives it its Christmas feel.

When I think that this picture cost me almost £80 to have framed,  it was a bit of an extravagance really, but then again this stitching lark isn’t a cheap hobby.  When you take into consideration the time it takes to complete, almost eight months in this case, it’s worth every penny to have it framed the way you really want it.

It’s stitched on 28 count Linen in a subtle Dusty Green colour which really complements the deep Reds and Gold’s of the threads and the stitched area measures  approx. 30 x 44 cms.

DMC Threads

321           356           433           434           435
469           498           498           754           758
780            781           783           801            814
815            898            934           936           948
3371         3820         3822         3823

Specialty Thread
DMC metallic floss  284Z

Mill Hill Beads

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  1. All of these projects are beautiful Sue, but this one just stopped me in my tracks. My first thought was actually a John William Waterhouse painting, but I can really see Loreena McKennitt in this, what with her long red hair and her gowns on stage. Just beautiful and well worth the cost to frame, you should get them all done and then display them in your home. They're lovely.