28 Nov 2023

Vanilla Socks by Kay Litton

My third pair of socks are finished, but I’m still very much on a learning curve as far as knitting them goes.

So far all three pair have been knitted top down but I seem to be having a problem getting the cast on just right.

The first two pair I cast on and knitted the rib and the rest of the sock with a 2.5mm needle, but while the tension for the rib and rest of the knitting was fine, the cast on edge was a bit tight to get over my foot.

For this pair I changed it up a bit and decided to try the cast on and rib on a 3mm needle and the rest on a 2.5mm.  This time the cast on edge is fine but the rib seems too loose, so I’ve still not got it right yet.

I’m wondering if I should use 3mm to cast on, then change to 2.5mm for the rest on the next pair or even try a toe up pattern, in which case the top of the rib will be the cast off.

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts!

Regardless, I just love the colours of this yarn and I’m going to have very cosy toes over Christmas!

Yarn – West Yorkshire Spinners, Signature 4 ply

Colour – Holly

I also put a few more stitched into my first ‘O Tannenbaum!’ pillow and apart from the very top edge, I now have a sleigh.

Chart – 0 Tannenbaum! – Brenda Gervais

Fabric – 36ct Heartland – Picture This Plus

Threads – Called for – Weeks Dye Works, Classic Colorworks and Gentle Arts Sampler Threads

 Happy Stitching!




  1. The socks look great. I think I have a pair in that same WYS yarn.
    Sorry you are struggling to get the fit right at the cuff.
    Maybe toe up is the answer for you as you can then do something like Jenny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off or I just tried a new to me bind off seen on the New Leaf You Tube podcast. I forget what it is called - twisted bind off maybe?
    I have to say though that I prefer cuff down.
    Have you tried the German Twisted cast on? It’s a bit fiddly but once you get it it is similar to long tail cast on but a lot more stretchy.
    Winwick Mum’s blog has no end of hints and tips for beginner sock knitters. She is on Instagram too and always happy to answer questions.
    With time you will find your favourite sock recipe .
    Happy knitting,

    1. Thanks Margaret, I definitely need to try a few more patterns but I'm definitely hooked!

  2. I don't knit, Sue, so I am no help...but the socks sure are pretty!

    1. They are easier than you thing Stasi, you should give it a go. Happy Stitching! Sue x