29 Nov 2023

Christmas Cheer Santa – Mill Hill

 Last night I finished the second of the two Mill Hill Santa’s for my Goddaughter’s two girls.

I started making them something for Christmas a while back but the tradition of a decoration for their very own tree only started a few years back.

The first thing I made for them was their  Bucilla  Christmas Stockings, in fact the whole family have one.

My Goddaughter Nicola's one was the first and it was stitched in 1981.  The kits have definitely become more intricate over the years!

In 2020 I knitted the girls an entire Nativity, complete with Camel, Donkey and Sheep.

Then in 2021 the tradition of an ornament each started.

First was the hoops which were charts from Just Cross Stitching Magazine.

Then  last year they had Mill Hill Snowmen.  

I wonder what Mill Hill kit they will have next year!

 Happy Stitching!



28 Nov 2023

Vanilla Socks by Kay Litton

My third pair of socks are finished, but I’m still very much on a learning curve as far as knitting them goes.

So far all three pair have been knitted top down but I seem to be having a problem getting the cast on just right.

The first two pair I cast on and knitted the rib and the rest of the sock with a 2.5mm needle, but while the tension for the rib and rest of the knitting was fine, the cast on edge was a bit tight to get over my foot.

For this pair I changed it up a bit and decided to try the cast on and rib on a 3mm needle and the rest on a 2.5mm.  This time the cast on edge is fine but the rib seems too loose, so I’ve still not got it right yet.

I’m wondering if I should use 3mm to cast on, then change to 2.5mm for the rest on the next pair or even try a toe up pattern, in which case the top of the rib will be the cast off.

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts!

Regardless, I just love the colours of this yarn and I’m going to have very cosy toes over Christmas!

Yarn – West Yorkshire Spinners, Signature 4 ply

Colour – Holly

I also put a few more stitched into my first ‘O Tannenbaum!’ pillow and apart from the very top edge, I now have a sleigh.

Chart – 0 Tannenbaum! – Brenda Gervais

Fabric – 36ct Heartland – Picture This Plus

Threads – Called for – Weeks Dye Works, Classic Colorworks and Gentle Arts Sampler Threads

 Happy Stitching!



23 Nov 2023

Winter Woodland - Patricia Ann Designs

 As you will know from my last post, I was going away for a short break last weekend and I had already made a small start on my November ornament for 12 in 23.   

I managed to finish it on Thursday afternoon, before going away on Friday.

Winter Woodland was a chart from the latest special Christmas Ornament edition of Just Cross Stitch magazine.

Because I had already decided to take a pair of socks to start and my October Mill Hill Ornament to stitch on while I was going to be away  and they were already in my bag, I  decided to have another new start on Thursday evening.

I’ve had ‘Oh Tannenbaum!’  from Jeanette Douglas kitted for some time and I made a small start  on the sheep pulling the sleigh.

So now onto my trip.

The main reason for my short break to Bournemouth, down on the south coast of Dorset,  was to visit my 93 year old Aunt and some of my cousins.  I’ve not seen any of them for at least 6 years, so we had lots to catch up on! 

My cousin and I had booked  a lovely hotel for three nights, with a sea view and we were looking forward to a walk along the beach and the smell of that salty sea air.

We made the most of it but sadly, as you can see, the weather

wasn’t kind to us, with a severe weather warning in place for Saturday and Sunday for high winds and rain.   

Typically, we were coming home on Monday, the weather changed and the sun came out.

We did manage a rather large Sunday roast dinner and a few G & T's though!

Stitching wise, I took my Mill Hill Santa ornament with me to stitch on the train and made some good progress on him.

And I also took some knitting and started another pair of socks.

I wanted a pair in Christmas colours and this yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners was perfect.   It’s their Signature 4 ply called ‘Holly’.

When ordering the yarn I went a bit OTT and also ordered three more balls.

‘Fairy Lights’ which is sparkly and  ‘Robbin’, both also West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply  and ‘Partie’,  which is Superba fairisle 4 ply, so I think I will have toasty feet this winter!

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends from across the pond a very special Thanksgiving.  I hope you have a wonderful day spending time with your family and friends.

Happy Stitching!



15 Nov 2023

Mighty Acorn - Framed

The frame is a custom made one from Picture Frames Express and I know the stitching  doesn’t look straight in the photo, but I promise it is, it’s the angle it's leaning at making it look like that.

With that done and dusted, I have made a start on my November ornament for the 12 in 23 Sal.

This is Winter Woodland from Patricia Ann Designs and it’s from the 2023 Special Ornament edition of Just Cross Stitch.

I’ve done my own floss conversion from my stash.

I will be my 11th of 12  for the Sal and it’s also my 3rd start  of the #celebrate50startalong  with @pennysdaughtershares

I know that I’ve not finished my October ornament yet, but I’ve been saving that to stitch on a longish train journey that I’ll be doing this weekend coming. I can’t stitch without magnification but the perforated paper is fine.


Happy Stitching!



Chart – Winter Woodland

Designer – Patricia Ann Designs

Fabric – 36ct Sky Linen from Nicholas Flamel Designs

Stitched – 1 floss thread over 2 linen threads.

Threads –

Weeks Dye Works – Sandcastle, Kudzu, Mocha & Whitewash  

Classic Colorworks – Weeping Willow

13 Nov 2023

Mighty Acorn - Blackbird Designs

 Over the weekend I had a ‘big’ autumn finish, well big in that it’s my largest autumn stitch this year.

I’ve loved every stitch of Mighty Acorn and am sad in a way that it’s finished, but there are so many beautiful designs in the ‘Winds of Autumn’ book, that it won’t be too long before I have another project on the go.

I was also lucky enough to visit a Christmas Craft Fayre this past week.

It was at the beautiful Cressing Temple Barns, here in Essex.

The historic barns date back to the 13th century and were built by the Knights Templar.  Apparently they are amongst the oldest and largest wooden structures of their kind in Europe.

There is also a recreated Tudor pleasure garden.  The original garden was build c1500 – 1600 during the reign of Elizabeth 1

 Happy Stitching!





Chart – Mighty Acorn

Designer –Blackbird Designs – Winds of Autumn Book

Fabric – 36ct Linen – Wren – Picture This Plus

Floss – Hand Overdyed Cotton – Weeks Dye Works

Stitched  - 1 floss threads over 2 linen threads

7 Nov 2023

Smell My Feet – La-D-Da

 Since my brother moved to West Mersea, near Colchester a couple of years back, I don’t get to see him as often as I used to but this past weekend we were able to get together.  

My cousin Jane and I drove up to the island for a family party to celebrate the 40th birthday of a second cousin.

It was wonderful seeing everyone but there was no time to get any stitching in, although I did manage to get some in during the week.

I finished  ‘Smell My Feet’ from La-D-Da.

The only change I made was to give mine Mauve and Green stripy stockings.

Chart – Smell My Feet

Designer – La-D-Da

Fabric – 36ct Ooak – Roxy  Floss Co

Threads – Silky (Black)  & DMC

Stitched – 1 floss thread over 2 linen threads.

That was the extent of my stitching, but the good news is that my hand held out.  It’s feeling much better now, despite still getting some twinges in it, so resting it had definitely helped.

I’m undecided what to stitch next.

Part of me still wants to stitch Autumn, but I’m also itching to get started on my Christmas stitching and have a pile of charts kitted and ready to go.


Happy Stitching!



3 Nov 2023

Vanilla Socks


This week has been mostly about finishing my socks and just the tiniest amount of stitching.

First off, I wanted to complete my 2nd pair Vanilla socks, pattern from Kay Litton on Raverly.  I only the feet and toes left to knit, so I knew they wouldn’t take too long finish.

They were knitted 2 at a time on a 2.50mm circular needle, using West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply in the colourway Wildflower.

I’m so happy with the way they came out and I’ve definitely caught the bug for sock knitting because I’m already looking for more yarn.  I want to do a pair in Christmas colours next I think!

Then it was on to trying a bit of stitching but as I’m still resting my  hand as much as possible and only managed a little new start.

 This is  ‘Smell My Feet’ from La-D-Da and it’s a free chart on her site.

For this, I’ve used a scrap of 28ct Ooak  (Roxy  Floss Co) that was left over from Which Witch and Silky and DMC threads from my thread collection.


Happy Stitching!



Chart – Smell My Feet

Designer – La-D-Da

Fabric – 28ct Ooak – Roxy  Floss Co

Threads – Silky (Black) DMC 9Mauve & Green)

Stitched – 1 floss thread over 2 linen threads.