5 Feb 2023

Celtic Autumn

 Here’s my latest progress on Celtic Autumn.

 I don’t know if you’re the same, but I’ve really had to force myself to put her down for a while. 

I have another three largish projects that I really, really want to work on too and another Christmas ornament I want to start, so needs must I suppose.

 Happy Stitching!



Chart – Celtic Autumn

Designers – Marilyn Leavitt- Imblum / Lavender and Lace

Fabric – 28ct Cashel Linen – Vintage Mocha

Threads – DMC Conversion

4 Feb 2023

Winter Cross Stitch Camp

As we hit February, it means it’s time for ‘Winter Cross Stitch Camp’, hosted by the lovely Sheri from The Colorado Cross Stitcher.

This year the theme is ‘Collections’ and we have to stitch something to add to an already existing collection or start a new collection of something.

Because camp was going to coincide with me going into hospital for a hip replacement, I had to choose a project that would be easy to stitch while in hospital because I didn’t want to have to take a lamp and magnifier with me.

I decided to start a little collection of Spring and Easter Mill Hill ornaments but in the end it didn’t matter because my surgery was cancelled.

I still decided to go ahead and stitch them though and purchased three kits from the Spring Bouquet Collection.

Egg-ceptional, which is the one I have started and is a combination of cross stitch and beads

and then Mosaic and Lotus Eggs, that are 100% beads.

Here’s where I am with my start

Happy Camping!



Oh Holy Night – Nativity

 I really want to have this finished this year and hanging on my wall come Christmas, so I pulled it out again and stitched on it for another seven days.

This was where I put it down last time

And this is where I am now

The inside of the arch was quick to stitch because it was only half cross but I love the way the shading of the colour works here and I love how the backstitching makes everything stand out.

Happy Stitching!


 Start – 24th December 2021

Design – Oh Holy Night Nativity – Stoney Creek

Fabric –  36ct – Sky Linen - Nicholas Flamel Design (on Etsy)

Threads – Anchor  & Glissen Gloss Rainbow Blending Thread

Beads – Mill Hill Petite Glass Beads

23 Jan 2023

Butterfly No. Six


Butterfly Lace Mandala

Another Chatelaine Weekender under my belt and I have made some good progress I think.

I finished the one over one butterfly that I started last time and it’s so pretty.

Then moved over to the left-hand border and extended it a little bit more.

And then stitched some of the flowers and small butterflies on the outside of the border.

 Happy Stitching!



22 Jan 2023

Put A Sock In It!

 That’s just what my brother used to say to me when I was growing up, because I would never stop talking, Lol.

I spent a couple of days finishing off my second pair of ‘No Fear’ socks from Earth Tones Girl on YouTube,  that have been languishing in my knitting basket for a while. 

For this pair I used Schoppel Wolle Crazy Zauberball in the colour Herbstonne, in lovely  shades of Rust and Blue and the magic loop method, with one circular needle.

As you can see, I decided not to try and have them matching and I love the way they came out.


Happy Knitting!



20 Jan 2023

Palace of the Winds – Jan Hicks Creates

 I’m thoroughly enjoying working on Jan’s chart and have worked on it for 6 days straight because I didn’t want to put it down.

As mentioned last time, I wasn’t 100% happy with the ‘Lotus’ thread because of the green in it, so I ordered a couple of more options to try. 

I’m pleased I did.  I eventually settled on ‘Foxgloves’, which gives a beautiful faded look instead of another bright pop of colour that wasn’t going to be a shade of Mauve, which was what I was originally aiming for. 

Happy Stitching!



Chart – Palace of the Winds

Designers – Jan HIcks

Fabric – 36ct Evenweave – Light Grey

Threads – Cottage Garden Threads:- Cocoon,  Bluebell & Foxglove

Frosty – Ornament 1/12

 I did a quick bit of finishing yesterday.

In hind-sight I should have taken a little more time over it because my little oval pillow is a bit misshapen.

 Happy Stitching!




Chart – Frosty – Autumn Lane Stitchery

Fabric - - 36ct Edinburgh Linen from Fortnight Fabrics Colourway - ‘Exceptional’

Threads – From Stash including The Gentle Art, Classic Colorworks, Weeks Dye Works, DMC & Crescent Colours