2022 Finishes

24th December
Christmas Cheer Pin Pillowa - Jeanette Douglas
24th December
Christmas Tiny Town - Heart in Hand 

23rd December
Back from Framers - Little Sheep Virtues - Sheep in the Meadow Singing

23rd December
Christmas Tiny Town
17th December
Winter by Moonlight

15th December
Holly  - Hello from Liz Mathews
11th December
A Year of Bouquets - Sal  - Jeanette Douglass
11th December
Christmas in December  - Jeanette Douglass
28th November
Joy - Jeanette Douglass

24th November
Joy - Jeanette Douglass
19th November
Back From Framers - Heart Full Of Gratitude - Little House Samplings
19th November
Back From Framers - Merry & Bright - Little House Samplings
19th November
Back From Framers - Three Butterflies - Rosewood Manor
17th November
Peace on Earth - Jeanette Douglas
6th November
The Last Ripe Berries - Blackbird Designs
30th  October
FFO - November Panel - Joyful World Sal - The Snow Flower Diaries
30th  October
FFO - Pumpkin Brew - Brenda Gervais
30th  October
FFO - Boo Cats - Brenda Gervais

30th October

FFO - The Stitcher - Homespun Elegance
19th October
FFO's two Little Sheep Virtues from last year
18th  October
November Panel - Joyful World Sal - The Snow Flower Diaries
12th  October
FFO - Waiting for the Harvest - Blackbird Designs
9th October
No Fear, Top Down Socks
9th October
Back From The Framers - Elisa M Stone 1881
9th October
Back From The Framers - Dreaming Of Daisies

8th October

Little Sheep Virtues - Gratitude

7th October

Joyful World Sal - October & Finished Autumn Frame

4th October

Mini Bouquet Sal - October - Jeanette Douglass

1st October

The Stitcher - Homespun Elegance

25th September

Joyful World Sal - October & Autumn Frame
15th  September
Long She Reigned Over Us - I'd Rather Be Stitchin!

13th  September
Mini Bouquet Sal - September 

7th September
Little Sheep Virtues - Kindness

27th  August
Pumpkin Brew - Brenda Gervais
25th  August
Boo Cats - Brenda Gervais
FFO'd 30th October

20th  August
Waiting for the Harvest - Blackbird Designs

15th  August
Little Sheep Virtues - Simplicity
12th  August
Mini Bouquet Sal - Hot August Tomato
11th  August
Eliza M Stone 1881

29th July

The Summer Beaming Forth - Blackbird Designs

27th - July

Joyful World Sal - September

21st July

Joyful World Sal - August

14th July

Hear the Crickets Sing - Blackbird Designs

6th July

Mini Bouquet Sal - Jeanette Douglas  - July

6thh July

Stitch Spool - Jeanette Douglas

  3rd July

Dreaming of Daisies - Rosewood Manor 

26th  June 

Little Sheep Virtues - Faith

20th June 

Mini Bouquet Sal - Jeanette Douglas  - June

17th June 

Little Sheep Virtues - Patience

8th June 

Evergreen Snowman - Mill Hill

4th June 

God Save The Queen

2nd June 

Platinum Jubilee

  25th May

Mini Bouquet Sal - Jeanette Douglas  - May

12th May 

Little Sheep Virtues - Wisdom

5th May 

Snowy Owl Snowman - Mill Hill

22nd April

'Souvenir' Band Sampler Bell Pull

20th April

Joyful World Sal - May15th April

15th April

Pleasures of the Fleeting Year - Blackbird Designs

5th April

Mini Bouquet Sal - Jeanette Douglas  - April

1st April

Joyful World Sal - April

31st March

Little Sheep Virtues ~4 - Courage

26th March

Project Bag for Cross Stitch Camp

18th March

Sheep in the Meadow Sing

4th March

Mini Bouquet Sal - March - Spring Tulips

27th  February

Let's Paint Eggs

Tip-toe Through the Tulips


22nd February

Joyful World Sal - March

17th February

Little Sheep Virtues - Peace

15th February

Sing a Song of Seasons - Blackbird Designs

8th February

Mini Bouquet Sal - February

7th February

Winter' A Quiet Setenity

6th February 

Stitching Makes Me Happy

 6th February
Little Sheep Virtues - Love
2nd February
Joyful World Sal - February
 30th January

Summer Cross Stitch Camp 2021  Badge 

29th January

Winter Cross Stitch Camp 2022  Badge

8th January 

Little Sheep Virtues - Hope - Little House Needleworks

5th January 

Mini Bouquet 1 - Jeanette Douglas

3rd January 

Joyful World Sal - January -Snowflower Dairies

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