27 Sept 2023

Which Witch?

 I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m really a monogamous stitcher at heart, but like most other stitchers' I want all the charts and want to start them straight away.

In the scheme of things my collection is small, 8 fully kitted projects, 5 part kitted, about 10 charts in waiting and just 6 wips, but I find it overwhelming.  

I don’t know what to pick up next and have a feeling of guilt that my chatelaine has been sitting there since 2021 and is still not finished , so how some of you have in excess of 40 wips waiting to be stitched is beyond me!

Anyway, for the time being I’ll carry on as I am and at some point try and get some structure to the way I work on my projects, in the hope I can feel better about the ones that are just languishing in project bags.

Over the last weekend I worked on ‘Which Witch?',  from La-D-Da and made a good bit of progress on it.

This is where it was left after one day of stitching when I started it on 9th September.

I wouldn’t usually choose to stitch on darker fabric but this was purchased as a kit and I have to say I’m loving this Roxy Floss Co ‘Ooak’.

This is where I am now, after a further 4 days.

Happy Stitching!



Chart – Which Witch?

Designer – La D Da

Fabric – 28ct Linen – Ooak

Dyer – Roxy Floss Co

Floss – Roxy Floss Co – Vampish

Stitched  - 2 floss threads over 2 linen threads


  1. Awesome progress on Which Witch, Sue!

    1. It's stitching up so fast Robin. I think it's to do with not having to keep changing the colour of the floss!! Happy Stitching! PS. can you send me a link to your blog please?

    2. Hi Sue! I would if I had a blog, but I don't. Are you on Instagram?

    3. Oh, I thought from your profile, you had a blog. I'm on Instagram as the same, I'd rather be Stitchin and I'm in a few facebook groups too. x

  2. You are moving right along Sue! Love your needle minder! I have many projects started, I think because that is my favorite part of stitching....putting that first stitch into a piece of virgin fabric. I just go where my heart/needle lead me, but I do get the "guilts" often when I realize how much I have waiting on the side lines.

    1. Yes, she's growing fast!! I've not done many monotone projects but I'm loving how quickly I'm getting through her. Happy Stitching! Sue x

  3. Beautiful stitching Sue. Where have I been that I’ve never even heard of Roxy Floss? I must investigate!

    1. Oh Margaret, where have you been, Lol!! Check out Evertote, as they are the sole distribituers I believe. Also check out their floss tubes, Off the Grid Needlearts, and Evertote, Notes from the Workshop. I'm sure you'll be hooked! Happy Stitching! Sue x

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