23 Sept 2023

‘Autumn Equinox’

 Today is the astronomical ‘Autumn Equinox’ and there for the first official day of autumn according to some. 

I’ve had the book ‘Winds of Autumn’  from Blackbird Designs,

 for some time and despite loving every single chart in the book, up to now I have only stitched one of the designs.

But in celebration of the equinox, I’m going to start ‘Mighty Acorn’.

I have all the called for threads and fabric and am ready to go!

Making a start on this will mean that I will have to put Autumn Dream down for a while, but I did make some more good progress on it  late week, putting in the Tufted Titmouse and some of the Bittersweet.

Happy Stitching!




  1. You have made awesome progress on Dream, Sue! What a lovely choice to start on the first day of fall!

    1. It's surprising had quickly the stitching goes on these, which is good thing I suppose, when there are 12 of them to stitch! Thanks for dropping in. Happy Stitching! Sue x

  2. That will be an awesome autumn project!!!

    1. Thanks Stasi. It's been on my 'to stitch' list for some time, so what better time to start it. Happy Stitching! Sue x

  3. I have that book and have yet to start even one of the designs in it.
    I do love to look through it though.
    The sampler is beautiful. I can see many happy stitching hours ahead.
    Happy stitching,
    Margaret x

    1. Thanks for stopping by Margaret. You're definitely spoiled for choice with that book!! Happy Stitching! Sue x