8 Dec 2023

Celebrate 50 Start Along

 When Michele from Penny’s Daughter Shares on Instagram said she was going to celebrate her 50th birthday with  a SAL and have 50 new starts in the coming year, I thought she was totally crazy, Lol!

But before I knew where I was,  I was joining in with my 10th new start.

Now I have a question for you:

Do you start projects, not really giving a lot of thought to how you will FFo it until all the stitching is finished?  

I’m guessing that this is the way it generally goes, as we gravitate to putting things in frames and making them into pillows, using the cover photo on the chart as our guide. 

I do this too, but I also have a box of ‘things’ that I’ve picked up along the way, in the hope I might be able to use them at some point, just like this dish that I found to TK Max.

At the time, I had no idea what I would use it for and then, as I was watching a floss tube from Stacey, the 911 Stitcher, she was showing some Prairie Schooler charts and  among them was Santas & Snowmen.

Further investigation showed these were tiny stitches, just 52 x 42 stitches and would fit into the spaces in the dish, so my plan is to stitch two Santa’s and two Snowmen,

I’ve made a start on the first of the Santa’s.
I’m stitching from stash for these, so I’m using the called for threads if I have them and if not, as close as I can find.  

The fabric is a left over piece of 36ct Wren from Picture This Plus.

My SAL is not only going to be about cross stitch, but I'll be include embroidery, knitting and crochet too.

As mentioned, this is my 10th new start for the SAL and of those ten, seven have been FFo’d because they were small.

I also have a few larger projects that I’m hoping to get a start on in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for those.


Here’s a list of my projects so far:-

1 – Christmas Cheer Santa – Mill Hill - 28/10/23 – finished 25/11/23

2 – Smell Me Feet – La –d-da (free chart) 3/11/23 –   finished 2/11/23

3 – Winter Woodland – Patricia Ann Designs – 14/11/23 – finished 16/11/23

4 – Oh Tannenbaum! Part 1 – Brenda Gervais – 15/11/23 – finished 30/11/23

5 – Vanilla Socks (Holly) -     18/11/23 – finished 25/11/23

6 – Reindeer Embroidery Kit – 26/11/23 – 30/11/23

7 –Wip -  Oh Tannenbaum! Part 2 – Brenda Gervais – 30/11/23

8 – Jingle All The Way – Beth Twist, Heartstring Samplery – 3/12/23 – finish 6/12/23

9 – Wip - Countdown Sal 2023 -  Evertote, Modern Folk Embroidery and Roxy Floss Co.  – 1/12/23 –

10 – Wip - Santas & Snowmen (1)  - The Prairie Schooler – 3/12/23 -  





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  1. Sue, this will be quite the undertaking, but you are off to a great start!